TUMBLEWEED Some flickering with the Intel D945GCLF MB

Hi all, tried finding helpful threads last night for the issue, but not sure exactly what the issue is either… It’s an Intel D945GCLF mini motherboard, 2GB ram, 80GB HDD, no graphic cards installed, it’s just the built-in graphics, etc. There’s a SATA DVD writer and IDE CD player/writer, and IDE 80GB HDD. I made the HDD the MASTER in BIOS, and the CD player/writer the SLAVE. And installed the OpenSuse Tumbleweed 64 bit (Net installer).

This bad flickering happens more when hovering over the shut off / power off button icon in menu or trying to click on or move desktop widgets around or window panels etc. It appears to be like a dark black / grey horizontal lightening bolt flickering.. it’s not slender skinny horizontal lines, more like a single S from the S.S. (hitler’s troops) logo or whatever. But it goes across the screen horizontally, not vertically. I tried finding drivers for it, thinking that’s the issue, but I found one linux driver and it’s for the RealTek LAN driver. Which I could get later on, the internet is working on it.

I’m at a loss on what else to do, I like OpenSuse Tumbleweed, but I can’t give this tower to grandparents to use with that bad flickering. I wasn’t sure if it’s OpenSuse that’s at fault, and maybe try another Linux Distro, or just put Windows 7 64 bit on it and be done with it, since they’re probably more familiar with Windows OS’s anyway. Any help, suggestions, etc will be appreciated.

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