TUMBLEWEED HP LaserJet 1102w

I’ve got a HP LaserJet 1102w on my network. Prints from Windows.
Trying to set it up in Yast I don’t seem to be able to get it working.
The closest package seems to be for the LaserJet 1100 but that one won’t work.
Never prints a test page.
I’ve got an existing HP inkjet on the network and I can print from it no problem. It was set up using YAST too.
I don’t know how recent this printer is manufacturing wise.
I know the version of hplip is usually pretty old in openSUSE hence the printing repository with newer packages.
I don’t see this repository for Tumbleweed like it is offered for 13.2 and 13.1
Any suggestions?

I’d like to be able to choose between the two printers or even have the default be the LaserJet (cheaper printing )

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