So leap is coming soon, and it will suck for one big reason.
No not plasma 5 as even though I think Plasma 5 still has room to improve it is getting better.
No its the loss of a 32bit edition for older computers, this seems to be a HUGE mistake and I think openSUSE needs to reconsider.
First of all what does this mean for apps that run in 32bit only? I use a lot of emulators and most of them are 32bit only, so now no more SNES emulation?
What about wine? For things like pipelight a lot of it is still 32bit only.
Then there are users of older computers, look i know that 32bit is loosing out but people still rely on old computers these days, if it aint broke dont fix or replace it.
This will mean that if you have a old computer you have to use tumbleweed which last time I checked is not really meant for a workstation environment.
Or use another distro like that certain distro that begins with a U.
Big mistake methinks.

I personally will not use openSUSE 42 and keep on with Manjaro my current distro as at least i can say it offers 32bit support and there is no risk of apps not working anymore or older computers being kicked to the curve.
Nice going openSUSE, bravo.

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