Using KMail 4.14.9
I’ve been getting a high volume of spam that started about 2 months ago. I created numerous spam filters to block it. Something is not working correctly because I continue to get spam from senders I have blocked. He is what I’ve tried.

Right click the email that is spam. A popup window appears. I hover the mouse over "Create Filter". Another popup menu appears. I hover over "Filter on From" and left click. The filter rules page pops up. I use "Match all of the following". In filter actions, I select "Delete Message" and then hit "Ok".

When an email from the same sender arrives, Kmail does nothing with it. If I right click the message, hover over the pop up message to "apply filters" and left click on apply all filters, the message goes into trash.

How do I get the filter to run automatically on incoming emails?