Ik ben bezig met het uitproberen van een Gopro camera op mijn PC.Als ik de camera op de usb poort aansluit komt er bij apparaat rechts onderin
Camera te staan en dat kan ik dan via bestands beheer openen en de filmpjes kopieren naar mijn bv video map.
Werkt perfect :)alleen had ik eigenlijk verwacht de SD kaart die in de gopro steekt als bv een opslag medium ergens tegen zou komen of in Dolphin of ergens in Yast.
Ik ben tevreden hoe het werkt alleen vreemd dat ik de SD kaart nergens tegen kom zelfs niet in partitionering in Yast:\

Hi guys,

installed Tumbleweed a few days ago and have some problems with playing videos in Firefox.
When I try watching html5 videos on youtube Firefox is crashing constantly. Also when I try to watch mp4 files is Firefox crashing.

When I disable "media.gstreamer.enabled" in about:config html5 videos are working fine. For mp4 videos the Firefox windows opens to ask where to save the file.
Is there an issue with the gstreamer packages from Packman at the moment? Did anyone else experiences this problem?

I have a Suse Linux server running samba (13.2) . It has worked fine for years for both Mac and Windows. No problems reading or writing the files. Now I bought a Linux notebook, also Suse Linux (13.2) . I can access the samba shares, I can copy files (from server to notebook and back) but I can’t open them. I have to copy file to disk, work on it, and then copy back to server. It can’t be a rights problem because because user (me) does not experience any of this when working from Mac or Windows, only from Linux client. Is there any adjustment I must make on Linux client to eliminate this problem?

In the past (to edit boot loader) I could just go to (menu.lst) and edit it to what I wanted, not now! file doesn’t exist. How can I edit the present file what ever it is? Example: I just upgraded windows 7 to windows 10 upon boot the screen still shows windows 7 I want to edit it to say windows 10. Can I, in the "bootloader options" have my windows 7 in the "default boot section" and edit it there? any ideas, let me know!>:(

Microsoft may be working on a new notification system that alerts users by giving them a mild electric shock. The company has filed a patent application titled “wearable computer having a skin-stimulating interface” which describes the process as “providing electrical stimuli to the skin of user to convey information to…

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