openSUSE 13.1 efi

I updated opensuse 13.1 and this made my boot loader unusable. There were more then 60 packages and the boot folder was for sure updated. I am using GPT and disk is divided into 1 GB sda1 vfat /boot/efi
1 GB sda2 ext4 /boot
and the rest is LVM

I first boot system using resqueGRUB2 disk and reinstall grub2 into /boot using Yast and was able to start system only with when the start order in BIOS was changed from UEFI to Disk directly (Legacy?). I reinstall GRUB2-efi using Yast but still I get message "no boot devices" when start order is switched to UEFI. The file in /boot/efi/EFI/opensuse seems to be corrected (although is is only 130 kB in size) and can be run when I start system using res-CD (which is recognized by UEFI). Somehow the efi partition on HD is no longer recognized by BIOS as efi. Using Yast the disk partition table shows 3 devices as above. Changing sda1 GPT partition type from vfat (0x0c) to efi (0x00) did not make any change. Well I have not yet tried to:
umount sda1
format sda1 with vfat
and reinstall GRUB2-efi

I am just afraid that using terminal I might mess with GPT.
Can anyone give me suggestions, please.

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