On the surface, it’s easy to wrongly conclude that Google and Bing are automating PPC pros right out of relevance. Basic PPC tasks can now happen with very little human intervention through the Google and Bing interfaces — easy enough for a novice PPC manager to create and launch pretty good…

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In one of the largest consumer-facing IPOs of the year, Farfetch, an online luxury-fashion marketplace, listed on the New York Stock Exchange on September 21. Initially priced at $20 per share, the stock — FTCH — opened at $27 per share, rose to $30 and closed at $28.20, 41 percent above the target opening price

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You’re likely already marketing in social media. Traditional media such as television, magazines, and news agencies may be off your radar. Getting into the media spotlight can cost nothing other than a little time, effort, and creativity. Here’s how

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Over the years, many companies have debated whether you should or should not bid on your own brand terms. Some article suggests you should not waste your money and others believe it is a no-brainer. In a previous article Why Brand Ad Campaigns are So Important, I discussed the reasons why you should bid on branded […]

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